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With today's every growing need to obtain information anytime, anywhere; users have turned to creating interactive and informative websites. At helpbase.ca, we offer a wide range of solutions to help you launch your online presence, or fine tune your current website. With over 11 years experience in web design and programming, we have the skills it takes to create success!

From start to finish we have you covered. With all services we offer, our team of professionals will gladly meet with you to discuss all aspects of your needs, and help design a solution that will be tailored to maximize effectiveness, while keeping within budget and time constraints. Find out more about a specific service by the quick links below, or read on to find out what it takes to get started in the world of websites.

Let's Get Started

No matter if you're new to the online world, or a seasoned veteran, getting your ideas off the ground can be very challenging. At helpbase.ca we offer a variety of services to assist in simplifying the entire process. Here's a quick step-by-step guideline for everything you'll need to get started...

Web Server
Just as you need a computer to store and access your personal files at home or the office, you will need a computer to store your website and applications that you will be accessing online. These machines are referred to as webservers, and can be obtained either through hosting plans (rental of a server, as opposed to the costly alternative of owning and operating your own). Picking the right hosting plan for your needs can be confusing, especially with thousands of hosts, each with their own packages. To simplify the process, we offer four easy to understand hosting packages, explained in simple terms, designed specifically for all of the services we offer. (Learn more about our hosting plans here)

Web Site Content
Now that you have your web server in place, you need some content to display online. When planning your site's design you want to ensure it's easy to use for both yourself and the visitors, while also able to handle new content easily. Many times websites will be "over-populated" with functions that are not needed, adding clutter and confusion. We can help set out a design plan that will incorporate all of the functions you currently need, leaving out the excess, although allowing for future expansion, should you wish in the future.

Web Designer (Webmaster)
Now that you have determined your exact needs for the content on your website, you will need to have it designed and implemented. Our professional design team can turn your ideas into rich interactive creations, utilizing the latest in active server technology and dynamic scripting languages. We will incorporate your needs into professionally web interfaces, maintaining continual flow throughout your entire site. In the design and implementation process our designers keep in close contact to ensure all aspects of the design adhere to your exact vision of the final product. At any time you would like to make changes, we encourage any and all feedback, so we may make modifications. Within no time, your website will be fully functional on the internet!

Maintenance & Modifications
Now that your site has launched and traffic is booming, you may wish to make periodic updates and changes to the content. This can be as simple as adding a few new photos or products, to large scale modifications such as the addition of a web based store or groupware applications. For clients who already have experience in web applications and programming, we gladly provide all source code with helpful tips and tricks to achieve the results you want in short amounts of time.

Training & Wrap-Up
To continue with our quality assurance guarantee, we want to ensure that you are completely comfortable in all aspects of your new acquisition. All of our solutions are presented in a "turn-key" format, focusing on ease of use and functionality. While some clients may already be very technologically savvy, training is always offered to ensure no questions are left un-answered.

Where do you go from here? Easy!
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